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#1 Beddoes Outdoor Throw

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    Kathleen Stafford
    Personally i have tried the gel and the baits of this brand and both products work but the gel is much more effective and works quicker. You put just a little in the corners of you house or patio and you will notice the difference quickly.
  • avatar

    John Womble
    Extremely sturdy, easy putting together, appears nice, goes great on this #1 Beddoes Outdoor Throw. We also get a lot of wind flow and it is heavy enough that it won't blow off the porch.
  • avatar

    Ethan Mercado
    Excellent #1 Beddoes Outdoor Throw. It wasn't challenging to assemble. It is strong and looks like it will last a long time. The Products action is clean and it's very comfortable. Love it!

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